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Amelia is a full-time corporate attorney, obstacle racer, and ultrarunner. Dubbed “The Queen of Pain,” Amelia is a 4x world champion (with one of those wins coming 8 weeks post-knee surgery!) and one of the most decorated obstacle racers in history.

She has risen to the top of the sport while simultaneously working at some of the largest law firms and companies in the world. As she puts it, she is the ultimate “weekend warrior," juggling the demands of a dual career.


Named as one of the "Power Women of 2021" by Women's Running Magazine, Alison is an endurance athlete, activist, and mental health advocate.

Alison's nickname, “powdered feet,” comes from the Haitian Kreyol saying, which describes a person so active that you never see them - just the footprints of where they’ve been in powder. Alison started running distance after a period of depression and, over the past several years, has been able to find meaning on the run. Her debut book, Running While Black, will be available in Fall 2022.



Lael is an ultra-endurance bicycle racer who won the Trans Am Bike Race in 2016, and set Tour Divide's women's course record on an individual time trial (ITT) in 2015. She was the first American to win the Trans Am. She also set the overall course record with her time on the Baja Divide route. 

In her words: "I’m motivated to encourage more people on bikes, especially more women." (from One of Seven Project interview)


Col. Spencer is in the United States Air Force and has served in a variety of leadership positions throughout her 26-year career. As a military commander, she has served in several positions where she was the first woman and African-American to hold the roles (such as leading the Air Force’s premier combat engineer unit known as the 819th RED HORSE - Rapid Engineer Deployable Heavy Operations Repair Squadron Engineer.)

She also founded FastChix, an online community of more than 600 active women who are aspiring to be a better version of themselves. 


Dr. Sims is an applied researcher specializing in women’s health and performance. She is the author of the popular book, ROAR, and has hosted hundreds of women in her "Women are Not Small Men" and "Menopause for Athletes" courses.

Her new book, Next Level, a comprehensive, physiology-based guide to peak performance for active women approaching or experiencing menopause, comes out May 17th, 2022.


Girl Talk: Perspectives and Tips on How Women Can Cultivate Balanced Performance-Focused Eating Patterns in Girls

"Let's build a world with fierce and well-fueled girls." By age 14, girls are twice as likely as boys to drop out of sports (Women’s Sports Foundation Research Report). By equipping girls with sports nutrition knowledge and healthy mindsets around food, we empower them to go beyond their own expectations of themselves. That being said, talking to young athletes about nutrition and eating can be tricky. What's the right thing to say to help them eat for health and performance? What should be avoided or reframed to prevent them from developing eating disorders and unhealthy relationships with food? What are the differences between sports nutrition for women and sports nutrition for girls? All these questions will be answered in Kristen's talk.

Sports Supplements: Solid Gold or Solid Rubbish

The global sports nutrition market size was valued at USD 40.0 billion in 2021. Athletes, gym-goers, and weekend fitness enthusiasts are consuming these products (often free from any regulatory oversight) at remarkably high rates.

How are athletes expected to know which supplements are best for health and performance, and which ones are ineffective and often dangerous? This session will break down the specifics of sports supplements, how they benefit athletes, when to consume, and how to evaluate products for safety and efficacy.

The Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing: How Diet Culture Preys on Menopausal Women

The impact of Diet Culture impacts us all; however, it can disproportionately affect more vulnerable populations - such as active peri and post-menopausal women. The hormonal changes that occur during this time of life impact body composition in a way that decreases lean body mass and increases body fat, especially at the abdomen.

With Diet Culture’s emphasis on the “thin ideal,” products and services are marketed towards menopausal women targeting their “pain points” with messaging such as “lose your belly fat” and “get your pre-menopausal body back.” Often, women purchase these with unrealistic expectations of achieving the promised results only to be disappointed and sent into an unproductive shame and guilt spiral leaving them left looking for the next “quick fix.” 

This presentation will illustrate how Diet Culture takes advantage of these changes in ways that harm women, and equip you with strategies to accept and celebrate our bodies.


Happy Feet

Description coming soon

Lift Heavy Sh*t: Building a Progressive Strength Program for Actual Heavy Lifting

You’ve been told to start strength training. That’s great. But now what? What’s heavy? Which equipment? How many exercises? For how long? And most importantly, how do I fit this into my busy life and around the sport I already love? These are the questions that get asked after a very general recommendation, often leaving us high and dry.

After this presentation, you’ll be able to identify key concepts to building a successful strength program and how to begin the process for your own journey. Plus, you'll learn how to get the biggest bang for your buck – lifting heavy: why it’s important, how to do it safely, and how to reap many benefits of picking up that barbell. 

Movement Matters: Two Ways to Increase Body Efficiency and Movement Patterns

Did you know that you could be losing time, burning more energy, and getting more fatigued if you aren't moving your body efficiently on the bike?

How you move matters! Mobility improvement involves looking at both your strength training and recovery.

This presentation will feature two main points in strength training that are often needed more for women.

Plus, Liz will also discuss a major component of recovery to help determine if you need more time off, as well as assisting with injury prevention and rehabilitation.

Are you a “Leaky Leslie” or a “Lock-Down Donna?”: Understanding the importance of pelvic floor health


Pelvic health is so vital for women. It’s, dare we say, sacred. Training and maintaining a strong pelvic floor breeds confidence, keeps us in the game, and sustains our social circles. However, beyond kegels, many don’t know much keeping our pelvic region strong and healthy. We do know, however, some of the symptoms that may be a sign of pelvic floor dysfunction- leaking, uncontrollable urges to go, inability to have sex, pain, lack of pleasure, anything that limits our activities.

Amy Hill Fife and Selene will introduce two “case studies” and discuss symptoms, tools, and treatments to get you back to the activities you love. Moderated by Selene Yeager.

Fueling the Mother Athlete


Mother Athletes need for fuel for life and everything that it throws at you from pregnancy to the early postpartum phases of womanhood!  

Would you like to achieve more with your workouts AND feel good in your body?  To know exactly what to eat after you exercise?  To grab a snack you know will fill you up and give you energy? And to feel powerful during your workouts and throughout the remainder of the day?

We've got your back and are here to help you...

  • Understand proper nutrition for the pregnancy and early-postpartum phases of life.
  • Increase your energy & learn to fuel your workouts well.
  • Practice and perfect your nutrition around what works in real life.
  • Connect nutrition to your biology & work alongside your hormones.

It's time to gain more power and stamina to conquer hard workouts, feel amazing in your changing body, and excel in #momlife.



You Deserve a Damn Break. Why perfection chasing is the culprit to your exhaustion

"Our lives are often set to autopilot. We are convinced that doing, going, and constantly performing is the only way to get ahead or be successful. We need to be the best mother, daughter, athlete, employee, friend, etc. We often harbor our own insecurities while assuming everyone else has their shit together. What would it be like to pause, say no, and just “be” in your life instead of feeling like you’re stuck on a never ending revolving hamster wheel of life. 

Chasing perfection causes high stress levels, fear of failure, and paralysis on decisions that will best serve you. Once we can let go of the idea that perfect exists, we find peace in the present moment, contentment in our current lives, and can see clearly to the future life we want to lead.

Lifequakes: Finding Your Unique Solid Ground

Rediscover the tools you already have within you to get you from where you are now to where you want to be next.

Learn To:

  • Own your story – there is power in there.
  • Create your own “solid ground vision statement” - what parts of your story do you want to keep and what are you wanting to leave behind.
  • Align your vision to your future actions - Walk the Walk.
  • Work it - Identify micro-actions that create macro-impact and do them.


Bridging the Gap - Learning to Talk to Ourselves

Let's talk about the language we use with each other and ourselves as a way to bridge the gap.  For example- the subjunctive tense uses words like should, could and would.  The subjunctive tense talks about things that have never happened.  The indicative tense uses words like need and want.  Both of which are far more efficient.  Why waste time and energy on things that have or never will happen? 

Has Whack-a-Mole Become Your Endurance Sport

Often women navigate a life full of competing priorities, feeling torn between a series of musts and to dos that are often deemed as non-negotiables that leave them either overwhelmed, or unfulfilled. Mental and physical energy is depleted by attacking the issues as they arise; routinely putting out fire after fire. Are you tired of being reactive to life's challenges instead of proactive? Explore why you may feel stagnant and estranged from your best place in life. Engage in an interactive women’s health session and gain tactical strategies to take ownership of a needed area of life to restore balance, empowerment personal fulfillment. 

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