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The things that work for men don’t necessarily work for women


Yet most of the research, product development, and cultural norms in sport are centered around men. Traditionally women have been considered too ‘messy’ because of their hormones or not as important as men because our sport doesn’t bring in as much money.


Women are waking up to the idea that much of the common knowledge in sports science, nutrition, and psychology may not actually apply to us. We’re ready for a change. That’s why we created a network just for women, coaches and practitioners who are ready to take women’s performance to the next level.


The Feisty Women’s Performance Network is the place to find credible information that helps women optimize our potential.


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KEY NOTE REPLAYS: Has the Patriarchy Shaped Our Absolutes?

Dr. Sims is an applied researcher specializing in women’s health and performance. She is the author of the popular book, ROAR, and has hosted hundreds of women in her Women are Not Small Men and Menopause for Athletes courses.

CULTURE/SOCIAL: Performance is For Every Woman

A former educator, cross-country coach, ultra-runner, speaker and author of the best-selling memoir A Beautiful Work in Progress. Mirna dedicates her time to spreading health awareness, promoting diversity, and inspiring others to be in charge of their own happiness.

NUTRITION: Fuel for Your Feisty Life

Discover common nutrition mistakes that most women make and foundational nutrition strategies that underlie a non-dieting approach for women athletes.


MINDSET: How to Harness Failure

Understand the root of failure and how you can increase your failure tolerance.

PHYSIOLOGY: Overtraining or under-recovering?

Learn the difference between overtraining and under-recovering and how to optimize training for performance in the context of your unique life.



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