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If you feel like the sports and fitness industry wasn't made for you, you're right.

Despite the lack of coverage, research, and positive messaging, women are proving that their potential is limitless. Any woman can get the best from her body with the right tools and resources.

Here's how we help women unlock their full potential:


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4 Pillars of Female Performance



Mental Health




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For the first time, women are learning to work with their physiology. Here's how it's making a difference: 


"I can manage my hydration and temperature regulation (so I don't overcook!) in long endurance events; fuel my efforts without sidelining myself with GI distress, and maintain the power I need to keep pushing as a master's woman athlete."


When I understood that my body is different through my cycle, my whole mindset changed. I accepted how I felt, stopped fighting it and adapted my lifestyle to my physiology. Instead of feeling guilty for eating more during the luteal phase, I'm now grateful that I can fuel my body.

Jamie Sonet

When I have a workout/ride or run where I'm not feeling great or just sucking wind, I step back and think about where I might be in my cycle. instead of being mad, I recalibrate my session to meet myself where I am.

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