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Everything we've learned about training women is based on science for men.

We are now beginning to understand just how much a woman's unique physiology. life stage and cultural experiences impact her training and our performance.

Coaches who embrace this will:

  • Learn how to incorporate systems that stop making periods and bleeding a taboo topic.
  • Help teen girls navigate adolescents with less risk of injury.
  • Have more practical knowledge and empathy to keep more girls in sport, and performing at high levels (yep, puberty just sucks)
  • Help athletes transition in and out of pregnancy without compromising their athletic capabilities.
  • Know how Have the tools to teach women to use their cycle as an training tool.
  • Learn about the needs of peri and post menopausal women in order to help them keep performing at high levels throughout all of life.

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How to Help Your Athletes Train with Their Period

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