Fueled: A Comprehensive Nutrition Course for Active Women

Learn to embrace food—all food—and harness its power through every stage of life to be your happiest, healthiest, most powerful best.

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As an active woman, nutrition can feel complicated.


We get messages from culture, influencers, and so-called experts. Most nutrition courses give us a prescriptive formula without taking into account factors that affect women like our menstrual cycle, our life stage (puberty, pregnancy, menopause), or that women are uniquely targeted by diet culture. Learning to push against society’s norms and create a fueling plan that fits your goals and lifestyle is one of the best investments that you can make in yourself. 

This course is for you if you are...

  • An active woman of any level who wants to get the best from her body.  Whether you’re training for an Ironman, working toward a strength goal, or crushing it at CrossFit, if you move regularly, this course is for you! 
  • A trainer or coach who wants to help female athletes reach their goals
  • A provider who works with active women - doctor, physical therapist, etc.

By the end of the course, you will: 

Understand and recognize cultural influences

When it comes to proper fueling, we can't separate the conversation about what to eat from the historical and cultural influences that uniquely impact women.

Connect eating to psychological well-being

Learn to listen to our body's needs and hunger cues and feel free to eat accordingly while still understanding when and how to override hunger cues for optimal performance.

Recognize the sex differences between men and women related to fueling

Understanding why the dietary recommendations made for men don't always translate to the female body.

Learn to fuel during puberty, pregnancy, and the menopausal transition.

As our bodies undergo major hormonal changes, our fueling and hydration needs (and cues) will change. Learn how a woman can adapt her nutrition throughout her life. 

Grasp the consequences of underfueling

Understanding how underfueling impacts the body and how to recognize Low Energy Availability and RED-S.

Create a plan for proper hydration and nutrition before, during, and after training sessions

Understand what your body needs based on your training and goals and feel confident in your fueling plan.

Above all else

You’ll walk away from the course with the ability to create a nutrition plan based on your goals and lifestyle.

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Meet the experts

Alex Coates, PhD

Alexandra Coates is a postdoctoral fellow at McMaster University studying systems-level integrative exercise physiology. Her research has focused on overtraining, underfuelling, and the effects of extreme exercise on the body. Alexandra was an elite triathlete who trained with the National Triathlon Center from 2007-2015, raced internationally on multiple world championship teams, and was an age-group triathlon coach for 10 years. 

Elizabeth Inpyn, MSc, MA 

Elizabeth Inpyn is a Certified Sports Nutritionist. She holds an  ISSN  Plant-based Nutrition Certification, a Masters of Science (Applied Exercise Science: Sports Nutrition), and Bachelor of Science (Biochemistry) from the University of California Santa Barbara as well as a  Masters in Multicultural Education & Curriculum Development. She has helped countless professional/elite competitors and teams, recreational athletes, and coaches/organizations with all manner of nutrition, high performance, and wellness goals. Elizabeth is also a former NCAA Division 1 distance swimmer and water polo player.

Erin Ayala, PhD, LP, CMP

Erin Ayala is a licensed psychologist who specializes in health and sport psychology. She is a Certified Mental Performance Consultant through the Association of Applied Sport Psychology and is listed as a licensed mental health provider on the United States Olympic and Paralympic Committee’s Mental Health Registry.  Erin approaches her work with clients in a holistic manner, recognizing that daily life, health, and athletic performance are often intertwined.

The Details!

  • This course will be run in a cohort model. This means that you'll have the opportunity to interact with other students throughout the course as well as a group virtual session with one of our nutrition experts to ask your questions
  • Our next cohort will be on sale June 7th - June 16th. All participants will get access to the course immediately after purchasing it.
  • We'll release the full course so you can work through it at your pace over the busy summer months! 
  • Each module will take between 1-2 hours to complete.
  • All students will receive a certificate upon completion of the course.
  • USAT CEUs are now available! 

Fueled Course


  • Six interactive educational modules
  • Replays from our founding cohort expert sessions (6 total, 3 focused on menopausal athletes).
  • Links to references and resources
  • 2 Live Group Nutrition Q&A sessions (one focused on women in the menopause transition).
  • A certificate of completion
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Is this cohort for menopausal women?

We are only running one cohort over the busy summer months but all of the material applies to a woman at any stage of life. In addition, we'll host two live sessions with nutrition experts and one will focus on women in menopause. You'll also receive the replays from the spring menopause cohort as a part of this course!


Why underfueling is so dangerous for women of all levels


I'm what you would call your everyday athlete. I love my sport and want to get better. That's how I found myself buying into the rhetoric of lighter is faster. Between trying to lean out and my busy professional life, I ended up severely underfueling myself. It took over a year, seeing my primary doctor, 3 specialists, and countless blood and other medical tests before a new coach knew what was happening and finally helped me understand what was going on and create a plan with eating more and lifting heavy to get me out of the hole. At the same time, I was entering perimenopause. Many of the symptoms are almost identical and I always will wonder the underfueling made my perimenopause worse. 
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After a great season of racing, I started having some mysterious health problems that were sidelining me with fatigue. After numerous doctor's visits and tests, which gave me no answers, I worked with a naturopath working with elite athletes and discovered it was actually Low Energy Availability. I was shocked. I don't try to restrict my food and understand what my body needs, but between a busy training and work schedule, I slipped into underfueling. Thankfully, I got back on track and now have a plan that helps me stay fueled with a busy work and training schedule.
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