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How to Write Content that People Actually Want to Read

Hosted by Selene Yeager


Level up your writing skills with this hands-on workshop. When it comes to writing, one of the biggest challenges is that people write a lot of words but don’t really say anything that educates, informs, or inspires their audience. Whether you’re writing a blog post, pitching an article to a publication, or just crafting good content for emails and social media posts, effective writing is a skill that can be developed.


Hosted by Selene Yeager who has over 30 years of experience writing for publications like Bicycling, Details, Shape, O, the Oprah Magazine, Redbook, Men’s Health, Women’s Health, Marie Claire, Better Homes & Gardens, Good Housekeeping, Runner’s World and more. She has written or contributed to more than a dozen books.


This workshop will walk you through:

  • How to find topics that interest your audience
  • How to develop your voice
  • How to access and cite reputable sources

Using Sport for Professional Growth

Hosted by Melanie Mitchell


Just like in sport, you need a plan for success as you develop as a leader. Whether you want to advance your career, have a greater influence as a leader in your local community, or continue to develop your own personal leadership skills on your entrepreneurial journey, you need a ‘training program’.


Learn from host Melanie Mitchell who is the founder of Poppy Sports and Brand Director for Women’s Running, Trail Runner, and Triathlete brands. In a heavily male-dominated industry, she saw massive career growth when, in a ‘I have nothing left to lose’ moment, she started consciously applying her athletic experience to her corporate career. She launched the ROOTED program where she now coaches athletes to tap into their roots in sport to grow their careers. You’ll leave this workshop with a different mind on how to plan your career and practical steps on how to execute that plan.


Inclusive Sports Leadership

Hosted by Dr. Lisa Ingarfield, Dr. Shaunna Payne Gold and Dr. Gabriela Nuñez


Join the Shift Sports team for a slice of Inclusive Sports Leadership Academy (ISLA) learning! This workshop will walk you through the major components of inclusive leadership in an endurance sports context. As a result of this session, Shift Sports provides you with a framework to implement inclusive leadership in your unique endurance sports industry role.


If you are interested in ISLA and are not sure you can commit to a 2.5 day immersive professional development opportunity, this session is for you! It will give you a small window into the long experience and equip you with some tools to support your outspokenness.

Four Simple Marketing Tools that Every Business Needs to Succeed in Business

Hosted by Kathryn Taylor, Feisty Chief of Staff


If you run a small business, chances are you love working with your clients but aren’t always sure what to do when it comes to growing your business. The list is never ending and there are so many things you could focus on. Social media, webinars, email marketing, in-person networking, building a website, running paid ads….the list of possibilities is endless.


Rather than being torn in every direction, there are four key things that every small business owner should focus on to grow their business. You’ll leave this workshop with:


  • A compelling business pitch that you can share with anyone in 30-seconds or less
  • A plan to build your community on the right social media platform
  • What you need on a website that will convert prospects to customers
    How to turn your marketing efforts into sales


This workshop is led by Feisty Chief of Staff, Kathryn Taylor. She has been a Storybrand Certified Guide and helped small businesses strategically grow their brands for over 15 years.


Podcasting Primer: A Hobby, A Hassle, or a Home Run for Your Business?

Hosted by Carrie Barrett, Podcast Editor


Yes, it seems that everyone and their mother has a podcast these days, but is it the right decision for you and your business? And, besides, how do you even start a podcast?


Veteran podcast host, editor, and producer, Carrie Barrett, will discuss the pros and cons of starting a podcast for small business, how a show can increase your revenue and credibilty, and she’ll even go through the nuts and bolts of equipment and start-up costs. 


Yes, everyone sounds cool when they say they have a podcast, but if the content isn’t quality, dynamic, or consistent, you may do more harm than good. Let’s see if it’s a good fit for you. 


How the hell do I manage my business finances? And other money management....

Hosted by Brenda Smith

Do you manage your own business or dream of starting one, but the financial side scares the shit out of you?

Many people say they want to start their own business, but the fear of finances gets in the way. Learn the tools to get overcome that obstacle in this session led by Brenda Smith.

An experienced entrepreneur, business professor, and financial services professional, Brenda, will discuss the crucial elements for small business finances. She will give you tools to increase your cash flow, manage your taxes, build your business credit and most importantly, boost your money confidence.


The Art of Fundraising 

Hosted by Stacy Perlis, VP of Finance and Administration for Wahoo Fitness

From charitable donations or sponsorships to investment funding, getting someone to contribute to your cause or organization can be difficult and stressful but it doesn’t have to be. Learn some guiding principles on how to approach fundraising and what you need to maximize your results.

Stacy Perlis is the Vice President of Finance and Administration for Wahoo Fitness. She navigated Wahoo through their first investment round and has raised sponsorship money through Team in Training and for her own coaching business.


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